suvacor – The One-Stop Hospitality Solution

suvacor is Tanzania’s innovative coffee & tea company and LAVAZZA distributor, providing comprehensive solutions
for food service and hospitality businesses country-wide. Our unique value propositions meet your needs in every operation,
from small remote camps to restaurants to catering to coffee shops to large scale hotel properties.

We tailor sustainably performing hospitality solutions and we are happy to hear from you.


Since 1895 the LAVAZZA Family is devoted to the pursuit of coffee perfection. True Italian coffee taste: our passion, your pleasure.

Africas Best Coffee & Tea

Africa, birthplace of coffee, offers a wide coffee world of exceptional aromas, adventures and inspirational stories. Explore and enjoy.


Africafe Instant Coffee – A blend of high quality Robusta & Arabica coffee beans from Tanzania.

Upendo Honey

Upendo Honey is sourced from untouched Miombo forests reserves in western Tanzania, Kigoma region. The honey is incredibly high in floral diversity creating a rich, full flavour and meets the organic standards.

1001 Organic

“1001 Organic” was set up as a social enterprise, the main focus being the well-being of our most important partners, the small spice farmers. Conventional trade in spices has scarcely ever rewarded the production of top quality.

Chai Bora Tea

Chai Bora is the home of finest tea in Tanzania, offering a range of high quality pure and blended teas through suvacor as exclusive distributor to the horeca industry.

Wide coffee, tea & chocolate range
Trusted coffee machines and equipment
24/7 technical service
Direct distribution to your doorstep
Barista training to develop your business

Effective Point of Sale support

Your requirement. Our Solution.

Leading, stylish and functional Italian coffee machines, designed to produce endless cups of coffee to the highest standard – and built to last.

Coffee Academy

At the suvacor Coffee Academy, education is at the heart of everything we do. We have always taken pride in being leaders and pioneers in the Tanzanian coffee industry.

Technical Support

suvacor provides 24/7 technical support country-wide in order to keep your coffee operations running smoothly. Equipment can be serviced in one of our technical service centers or at your operational site.

We are Part of the East African Community. So you can import our products with zero import duty,
if you are coming from a SADC and EAC member state. (South Africa, Kenya, Zambia and more)