LAVAZZA’s history begins in distant 1895,
when Luigi Lavazza opened hist first grocery store
in Via San Tommaso in Torino.

The LAVAZZA coffee we drink today is the result of his idea: Blending coffees from different parts of the world to
cater to the tastes of each and every one of us. One hundred and twenty years of history:
Unforgettable moments of emotion, obstacles, important changes and leaps towards to the future.

LAVAZZA Whole Bean Blends

Quality coffee you can grind just when you need it. Try the LAVAZZA experience the classic way with whole roasted coffee beans. Click here to select the right LAVAZZA whole beans by your preferred aroma profile.

LAVAZZA Blue System

Excellence enclosed in a capsule. LAVAZZA BLUE preserves all the essential freshness, aroma and flavor of the LAVAZZA world and brings it to your premises. Consistent top quality guaranteed, no matter how many coffees brewed daily, combined with fast, efficient service and material control.

¡Tierra! blend of quality and sustainability

We offer LAVAZZA Coffee from Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farms that combines:
• High quality of the product
• Respect for the environment
• Social equity
Please contact us for more informations


Practical Barista Training

At the suvacor Coffee Academy, education is at the heart of everything we do. We have always taken pride in being leaders and pioneers in the Tanzanian coffee industry, particularly regarding coffee training and skills uplifting, and we have enjoyed sharing our knowledge and experience with thousands of coffee enthusiasts and professionals to date.
We believe that the suvacor Coffee Academy will have a significant impact on the local coffee industry and will raise the standards in coffee training in Tanzania and Zanzibar. Our Barista Trainers will be equipped with some of the latest and most advanced coffee training material in the world and we will be able to offer this to you through the suvacor Coffee Academy. suvacor Coffee Academy offers courses tailored for the hotel, restaurant and catering industry. Certificates of Completion will be awarded once a trainee has reached the required credits. The Certificate also names the trainee’s employer, i.e. the hotel which enabled the trainee to develop her or his skills through a suvacor Coffee Academy course.

Courses are usually held at hotel, restaurant and catering sites and may be free of charge for suvacor customers. Please email or call 0688 90 90 90 for enquiries.